Nighttime Footage Shows Coast Guard Rescue Man After Fall From Cruise Ship in Louisiana

1 年前

The United States Coast Guard rescued a man in southern Louisiana on Thursday, November 24, after he fell off a cruise ship on the evening of November 23, officials said.

Nighttime footage posted to DVIDS shows the man flailing in the water approximately 20 miles south of Southwest Pass, according to the statement.

According to the official statement, the Coast Guard received a call about a missing passenger at approximately 2.30 pm on November 24, and rescued the 28-year-old man at 8.25 pm.

The man was hoisted out of the water and transferred him to awaiting emergency medical services at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

Local media reports said the man may have been in the water for as long as 15 hours, but was described as being in a stable condition, according to officials. Credit: DVIDS via Storyful