Poking the Bear: Mama and Cubs Shooed Out From Under Deck in Minnesota

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1 個月前

A roly-poly mama black bear and her two pudgy cubs were shooed out from under the deck of a home in Nisswa, Minnesota, on October 18, after they were discovered by landscapers.

Copper Creek Landscapes wrote in their post on Facebook: “An exciting day for our landscaping girls! They were doing their fall cleanup rounds as usual and arrived to one of their clients’ properties and things were not right! Hydrangea bushes and plants eaten down to the stubs, and planted pots and furniture knocked over everywhere …. They continued cleaning up and then, to their surprise, saw three bears (a momma and two cubs) underneath the deck. They immediately called the [Department of Natural Resources] and all got out safely.”

Video filmed by Hanah Schmit shows an official from Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources using a yardstick to nudge the bears through the slats of the deck.

The plump trio scurried off into the nearby woods without incident. Credit: Hanah Schmit via Storyful

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