Police Called as People Gather at London-Area Reservoir on Bank Holiday Monday

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5 個月前

Warm weather drew a crowd to the shores of a London-area reservoir on Monday, May 25, prompting calls to police over social distancing concerns.

This video shows people gathered at Ruislip Lido, a reservoir and beach in Ruislip. The Hillingdon Borough Police said they were called to the area after “reports of large group gathering,” but it was not immediately clear if anyone was cited or penalized. Police urged people to “use common sense” when social distancing.

The Met Office forecast “dry, warm, and sunny” weather for Monday, including a high of 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 F) near London. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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    I believe people are starting to revolt against the system. People are finding out for themselves, that the media and many politicians, have been trying to use scare tactics to get you to conform to their control. They tell you when you can come out, they tell you when to go in, they tell you what to wear, how much distance to have, what businesses can be open and how long you will be regulated. I'm done with the biased media and politicians.
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    The media would love to ride this hysteria for years until a democrat is in office.
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    The 2m/6'6" is advice and not legally enforceable. The Met Commissioner Cressida Dick made it clear that they would not be enforcing it.
  • G
    They all have a valid excuse, because they are testing their eyes
  • S
    If they were politicians it is OK otherwise throw the book at them.
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    It's going to happen. The longer this goes on for the more common gathering will get as people are getting so sick of this now. People are naturally social animals not solitary animals.
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    Darwins theory of evolution is on a winner.
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    London has achieved Herd Immunity already for those out and about over the last couple of months so this won't make any difference
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    Dominic been sighted yet?
  • a
    alex da
    I love hairy beavers!
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