Police Hit by Fireworks and Explosions During Agricultural Protest in France

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Police were hit by projectiles and fireworks in Sainte-Soline, France, on Saturday, March 25, while attempting to disperse a large agricultural protest.

Footage shared by the Gendarmerie, the French military police, shows fireworks exploding near officers and flames rising from explosions in the field.

France Blue reported that upwards of 25,000 people were in Sainte-Soline to protest the construction of what are known as mega-basins, used to store groundwater that can be used by farmers for irrigation when rainfall in scarce.

The Gendarmerie said more than 3,000 officers were deployed to control what the force called “radical activists” partaking in “prohibited gatherings.”

The Deux-Sevres department, where Sainte-Soline is located, said on Saturday that injured people were being treated and evacuated from the protest site. The department did not specify whether the injured were police or protesters. Credit: @Gendarmerie via Storyful