Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Florida Beach

1 年前

A man was metal-detecting on a beach in St Augustine, Florida, when a plane made an emergency landing just ahead of him on November 14.

Joseph Cook recorded this video and originally posted it to Instagram with the caption, “I can’t believe this happened.”

The video shows Cook initially documenting himself sweeping the beach with a metal detector before he exclaims and starts running. A yellow plane can be seen lying upside down on the beach. Cook asks the pilot if he’s okay, and the pilot confirms he’s all right and explains that he lost his engine.

Cook and a woman can be heard talking about how he initially thought the plane crash was a “weird-sounding wave.” They then comment on how quickly the pilot was able to get out of the plane.

According to local news outlets, the plane landed upright along the shore but was overturned by waves. No injuries were reported. Credit: Joseph Cook via Storyful