Washington State's 'Sir Plows-a-lot' Clears Spokane Roads of Snow

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2 個月前

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) plows cleared snowy roadways in Spokane, Washington, as a wintry band moved east across the area on Monday, December 6, the National Weather Service said.

Local meteorologist Matt Gray recorded snow accumulation at around one inch in the Spokane area on Monday.

Videos released by WSDOT show one of the department’s tow plows, dubbed “Sir Plows-A-Lot,” heading out from a maintenance lot and clearing a portion of US 395 in Spokane.

WSDOT’s fleet includes two other tow plows, named Plowie McPlow Plow and The Big Leplowski. They were named by participants in a community poll, reports said. Credit: WSDOT via Storyful

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