'Welcome to Florida!' Sheriff Greets Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Him

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A New Jersey man accused of threatening to kill Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood was extradited to Florida on Monday, March 27.

Richard Golden, age 38, was arrested at his mother’s house in New Jersey on March 13 after an alleged threat against Chitwood posted to 4Chan was tied to that IP address.

“Just shoot Chitwood in the head and he stops being a problem. They have to find a new guy to be the problem,” Golden allegedly wrote in response to the sheriff’s condemnation of antisemitism. “But shooting Chitwood in the head solves an immediate problem permanently. Just shoot Chitwood in the head and murder him.”

This footage, released by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, shows Chitwood waiting to greet Golden as he arrived in Florida.

“I’m Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood. Anything you want to…” Chitwood said to Golden. “Hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome to Florida.”

Golden did not respond to Chitwood and was escorted out of the airport.

The sheriff’s office said Golden has been charged with making a written threat to kill or cause injury, which is a felony. Credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office via Storyful