Woman Comes to Rescue of Struggling Kayaker on British Columbia Lake

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1 個月前

A Canadian kayaker had a fellow paddler to thank after he got into trouble on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna recently.

Sally Wallick was recording her trip on the water when she came across the man, who she said must have been out of his capsized kayak for at least 45 minutes.

Wallick was concerned by the man’s condition and urged him to grab onto her kayak as she headed towards the shore.

The rescue attempt took a dramatic turn, however, when Wallick asked the man to lie across her kayak. This resulted in her getting tipped into the water too. Video shows Wallick remain calm, and flag down another boat.

That boat took the man to shore, Global News said.

“I’m just grateful that it all worked out," she told Global News. “I do kind of think about what would have happened maybe if the pontoon boat didn’t come.” Credit: Sally Wallick via Storyful

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