Lava Pours Steadily From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

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5 年前
Researchers captured dramatic footage of a steady stream of lava pouring from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The heat of the lava as it flowed into the sea triggered explosions, which threw debris back onto the top of the cliff.
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    Complicated Simpleton
    Nature at work is a beautiful sight...
  • J
    John Edwards
    I am not so sure I's want to be that close in a boat.
  • J
    James E
    I lava volcanoes!
  • C
    Now that's a HOT news flash. Mother nature still isn't done forming planet earth
  • J
    I was a Freshman at UH-Hilo in Nov. of 1975, just a few miles from this location, when this eruption started with one of the largest earthquakes and tsunamis ever to strike the U.S. Amazing times, Amazing Place. Black Sand beaches; Green Sand beaches, Amazing Waterfalls; One of the rainiest cities in the world - Hilo, and one of the driest deserts in the world - South Point Hilo - the furthest point south in the U.S. Both within Hilo's city limits... You can walk right off the desert into the cold Pacific... Two mountains that are snow-capped almost year-round. I have seen all the islands, the Big Island of Hawaii is by far the most amazing. Get there if you can...
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    About 2,000 active vents and volcanoes, probably 50,000 undocumented and subsurface, the emissions are not mentioned into any GW models, if so, the math would show we were dead a 100 years ago.
  • D
    It looks like the people in the boats are trying to get the Darwin Award.
  • J
    Where are the protests and riots over this volcano? It's causing global warming right before our eyes.
  • S
    Scorpio Bryan
    We need to appease that global warming volcano.
    We need to sacrifice Al Gore to stop the rising seas that it is causing!!
  • N
    Gee, where's all the enviro whacks claiming humans are to blame for this lava flow!?
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