Huge Elephant Joins Tourists For A Drink At The Pool

239 次觀看・3 個月前
The video shows a huge elephant bull, casually walking up to a swimming pool for a drink, with the safari tourists in the pool totally stunned by the unexpected encounter. When going on a safari holiday, you can always expect the unexpected. The African wild is always full of surprises and part of the thrill being on a safari holiday is finding all the wild animals the bush has to offer. On some occasions, the wildlife might just find you. Elephants are one of the most popular animals to see on safari. Seeing the worlds largest land mammal in all its glory out in its natural environment is priceless. Elephants are also by far the most intelligent animals that roam the African wild. Elephants love water and must drink daily. In the world of the elephant, the cleaner the water, the better the water. Over time, elephants have figured out interesting ways to find fresh water out in the wild. With numerous unfenced safari camps scattered around in Africa’s nature reserves, these intelligent giants developed a liking for swimming pool water. While many might think that the chlorine in the water can be harmful to the elephants, the opposite is actually true. Chlorine keeps the water clean and at a balanced ph level, making swimming pool water way cleaner than ground or river water out in the wild. Elephants know this through their sense of smell and would never drink any water that is very dirty or harmful to them. The video shows how a huge elephant bull casually walks up to a swimming pool, situated in the front of the room of safari holiday makers. The tourists were relaxing in the pool during the heat of the day and could not have asked for something more unexpected. Finding elephants while out on a safari vehicle is incredible, but having an elephant finding you in the pool while relaxing with drinks is a whole next level experience. The elephant bull stuck its trunk in the pool for a big sip of water, with the safari tourists sitting dead still in the water while admiring the giant beast drinking from their pool, right in front of them. The big bull elephant took another sip of water after which it suddenly stopped, probably realising that the two figures in the water were human beings. The elephant’s behaviour suddenly changed and with a few deep belly rumbles, the elephant slowly turned around and moved off back into the bush. It was an incredibly unusual close and possibly dangerous encounter for the holiday makers but freezing and not moving with a large elephant so close to you was the best thing they could have done. Luckily the elephant wasn’t frightened by their presence and decided to leave the stunned safari tourists in peace.