Mother elephant gently helps struggling baby out of mud wallow

1 年前
The video shows a heart-warming moment of a mother elephant, gently using her trunk to help her struggling baby out of the slippery mud. Elephants are most likely the most intelligent and emotional sensitive animals in the African wild. These two characteristics feature in us as humans which explains why we can relate to so many behaviours and actions of elephants. When you go on safari and admire these giant animals, there is something inside of you that connects with these animals in some sort of way. When mother elephants connect and interact with their babies, it is almost always a heart melting experience like the one shown in this video. While on safari in the Kruger National Park, we came e across a large herd of elephants around a watering hole. Some elephants were drinking while some were wallowing in the mud. Baby elephants usually steal the limelight and I quickly spotted one adorable baby elephant inside a mud wallow. Playing in the wallow was all fun but when it was time to get out, the baby elephant had a bit for a struggle. The wallow was just too deep and the banks just too slippery for the baby elephant to get out. The mother elephant was right there and noticed that her baby was struggling to get out. With such care and grace, the mother elephant gently gave her struggling baby a helping trunk. The mother elephant gently used her trunk to support her baby from the back and helped it out of the slippery mud wallow. The baby elephant looked pleased to be out of the wallow and started following its mother. When the mother came to a standstill, the baby elephant immediately went for a drink of milk, completing the whole adorable moment. The amount of care, love, and gentleness the mother elephant had shown for her baby was just incredible. Just like any human mother would do if her baby was in a slippery situation.