Young Bull Elephant Gives Himself A Dust Bath In Kenya

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African elephants are the largest land animals on earth. They are majestic and powerful, yet usually gentle, unless threatened. This young bull is already enormous. He demonstrates how to use the dust to create a barrier on his skin that deters flies and parasites. He spends a few minutes in the shelter of a tree where he has found some loose dirt. Using his trunk, he sprays the dirt all over his back before returning to the nearby herd. The elephant appears to be full grown and very large until we see him standing beside the other elephants in his herd. This gives us a better appreciation of the massive size that these animals reach. The other elephants are much larger than he is. These elephants enjoy the safety and freedom of life in a protected area in Kenya, Africa. The vast grasslands here are full of potential predators like cheetahs and lions, but they are free from poachers and hunters. Patrols ensure that nobody can unlawfully kill or harm the elephants. The numbers of these majestic beasts has declined greatly in recent decades but conservation efforts around the globe are helping them to make a comeback. We must do all that we can to ensure that these beautiful giants are not lost forever.