Bride thrown from horse during photo shoot

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6 年前
A dramatic video has emerged of a bride being thrown from a horse during a photo shoot in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, US. In the footage, captured by the wedding photographer earlier this month, the bride is helped onto the horse to pose for pictures ahead of her wedding ceremony, when it suddenly bolts. A handler can be seen trying to wrestle the horse back under control before the bride-to-be is thrown into the sand meters away. The horse continues to buck after dumping the bride to the ground and nearly knocks the handler over before it is subdued. “This had to be one of the craziest things to ever happen to me on a photo shoot” the filmer later wrote online. “My client decided that since you only live once, she wanted to take a photo on top of a horse. I'm not much of a fan of large animals myself because of the unpredictability of them, but I agreed to take the photo if she wanted.” “What happened next was absolutely crazy! The bride was completely fine and not hurt other than a couple of bruises. Made for a fun story to tell at the wedding!” ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE++ Music: ‘Pas de Deux’ by Bird Creek Source: YouTube Audio Library -- The bride wasn't hurt other than a couple of bruises and neither was the horse so thankfully this just made for a funny story for us to share!
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