Sir Paul McCartney helps fan propose to girlfriend

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6 年前
A heartwarming video has emerged of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney helping a fan (successfully) propose to his girlfriend at a gig in LIverpool on Thursday. The footage, captured by an audience member at the Echo Arena, shows McCartney helping the proposal along after noticing a sign held up by the man. Inviting the young couple onstage, McCartney can be seen helping the process along despite the proposer looking nervous. The man is reported to have been Fabrice Gueho, from France, who proposed to Diane McEvoy. Writing online about the proposal, the filmer said: "McCartney, something of a pro when it comes to marriage proposals (circumstances having dictated he make at least three that had the recipients all say yes), knew exactly what to say when Fabrice's romantic gesture looked like it was going to go belly up..."
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