Baby elephant knocked over by his fighting brothers

1,112 次觀看・1 年前
The video shows a baby elephant, in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting knocked over by his brothers when caught in the middle of their fight. The saying ‘boys will be boys’ is even applicable to elephants out in the African wild. While on safari we came across a small herd of elephants standing in the road. I saw one baby elephant on its own playing around with two larger elephants nearby. The two larger elephants looked like two brothers, locked in a pushing and shoving contest. It is hard to tell how it happened but before we knew it, the baby elephant found himself in the middle of the tussle between his two older brothers. The two larger elephants couldn’t care less about the baby elephant in their way and knocked the baby elephant off his feet while they continued with their scuffle. The one older elephant even showed its annoyance with the baby elephant by pushing it back down to the ground again. Out of nowhere, the big mother elephant appeared to stop the nonsense and the younger elephants immediately froze and stopped with their fooling around. It was incredible to see how immediate the youngsters reacted and stopped when mommy appeared. A true reflection of great discipline kept in elephant families.