Zoo Celebrates First Screaming Hairy Armadillo Pup Births Since 2018

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New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo celebrated the birth of screaming hairy armadillo pups in February, the first to be born in North America since 2018, the zoo said.

According to the zoo, screaming hairy armadillos are native to South America and are so named because of “the sound they make if they feel threatened.”

“The pups are named Birkenstock and Teva, following a family tradition of names related to shoes. Their father is Chaco, who came to the Audubon Zoo last fall. He is separated from the pups while their mom, Dillo, handles their care until they are fully weaned and independent. Once they are older and more mature, they will move to new homes and families of their own,” the zoo said. Credit: Audubon Zoo via Storyful