Great Dane Is Worried About Her Cat Going To The Vet

11 個月前
Maddie the Great Dane was worried when she saw her little sister Abbie Cat in the traveler box, so Mom explained that 16 year old Abbie has a cyst on her lip that tripled in size in the last few days, so Mom wanted Abbie checked out by the Vet. Mom documented Abbie's rather vocal displeasure with her car ride & her weigh in and check up by the Vet and was pleased that the cyst had no sign of infection or nasty cells in it and the Doc figured that Abbie may have bumped it caused it to swell up, but it was nothing to be overly concerned about & it should shrink back down in a few days. Abbie was happy to return to her happy place in with bathroom & Maddie & Ellie were happy to welcome her home.