Cuddle-Craving Cat Will Get Your Attention

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5 年前

Norman Marsh shared this beautiful video of his cat and his late father bonding at their residence in Hickman’s Harbour in Newfoundland.

Filmed in 2015, the adorable cat is seen vying for its owner’s attention. Speaking to Storyful, Norman explained that the cat now does the same thing to Norman when he sits in the chair that appears in the video. Credit: Lord Nezazor via Storyful

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    Cat needs to go on a diet.
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    Isn't that cat asking for food, not cuddles?
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    OMG that cat is so overweight. Killing it with kindness, not a good idea.
  • R
    I noticed the guy and the cat are both excessively fat. I think that household likes to eat a lot and not do too much exercise? I hope you know that excessive fat kills in various ways?
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