Tributes Removed from Israeli Embassy in Denmark by Group With Palestine Flags

20,067 次觀看・10 個月前

CCTV footage from the Embassy of Israel in Denmark showed what the mission described as a “disturbing” incident in which several masked individuals threw away flowers that had been left outside the building in the wake of Hamas’s attack.

The embassy said the incident took place on Sunday, October 8, the day after Hamas gunmen crossed into Israel and killed hundreds of people.

The footage shows people in Palestinian colors and with a Palestinian flag picking up and throwing away the bunches of flowers.

“Deeply disturbing to see how some people treat others’ grief and suffering so disrespectfully. We came into work today and found flowers and personal messages scattered all over. Disturbing,” the embassy wrote on Facebook.

The embassy press service told Storyful the incident had not been reported to the police. Credit: Israel i Danmark via Storyful