Agile Bear Treats Fence 'Like a Balance Beam'

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A curious bear venturing onto a property in Asheville, North Carolina, showed some superb balancing skills on May 26, when it paced back and forth along the top of a wooden railing around a backyard deck.

The footage was recorded by David Oppenheimer, who is well accustomed to receiving visits from his furry neighbors.

“It didn’t seem to notice me in the window when it climbed up onto the rail of the back deck and walked it like a balance beam,” he said.

Oppenheimer told Storyful that this particular cub might have been the culprit who recently startled him when it quietly strolled into his carport.

He said that bears often frequent his Asheville neighborhood and that he regularly takes bear photos from his home.

“Bears around here enjoy time in my backyard because I do not chase them or have barking dogs that run them off,” he said. Credit: David Oppenheimer via Storyful