Drone Captures 3 Generations of Orcas Hunting a Sea Lion

8 個月前

Whale watchers in Monterey Bay, California, were surprised to get a front-row seat as a family of orcas hunted a sea lion a few yards away from their boat on Thursday, November 23.

“Based on the behavior observed, this was clearly a training session for the new calf in the pod that is only several months old!” Monterey Bay Whale Watch wrote on Facebook.

According to the group, the video shows three generations of orcas, led by matriarch CA51A Aurora, encircling the sea lion before one member of the pod “punts” the prey with a flip of its powerful tail.

Writing on Instagram, photographer Evan Brodsky, who was aboard the Monterey Bay Whale Watch Vessel on Thanksgiving morning, described the encounter as “one of the most intense, raw acts of nature.” Credit: Evan Brodsky/Monterey Bay Whale Watch via Storyful