Belgians dine out in camper vans

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Belgians dine out in camper vans

Location: Tarcienne, Belgium

Seafood restaurant 'Matthias and Sea'

is serving food to customers in camper vans

(SOUNDBITE) (French) OWNER OF SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 'MATTHIAS AND SEA', MATTIA COLLU, SAYING:"We have adopted the drive-in concept. We set up a messaging system. When people get into the camper van, everything is explained and the table is set. They send a message with their camper van number and their order: a starter and a main course. They have a box available inside, when they have finished eating, they clear the table themselves. They ask for example, 'Camper van number 12, next (course),' and a waiter knocks on the door to bring a hot dish."

Customers can rent a vehicle or bring their own

(SOUNDBITE) (French) CUSTOMER, SAYING:"Eating in a camper van is really original, especially nowadays when the restaurants are closed. It allows us to breathe a bit and to spend time with each other without the children so that's really good."

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