British teen 'lucky to survive' Zambia crocodile attack

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2 個月前

Lucky to be alive.

The words of a British teenager who survived a crocodile attack on the Zambezi river in Zambia.

18-year-old Amelie Osborn-Smith, from Hampshire in southern England, explained what happened when the crocodile clamped onto her leg and tried dragging her underwater while she was rafting last Tuesday.

"Like you don't really think in that situation. Obviously people say like you see, your life flash for your eyes, but you don't. You just think like, how do I get out of this situation? And your brain just goes into overdrive and you just think how to get out But I was just, very, very lucky." .

Her leg was badly damaged by the bite.

At first, she feared she would lose her foot after surgery.

But she says doctors have told her she'll recover, and will be able to walk again.

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