Fauci calls White House attacks on him 'bizarre'

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"I cannot figure out in my wildest dreams why they would want to do that."

The country's top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci broke his silence on Wednesday about an effort within the White House to discredit him, calling the recent attacks "bizarre" in an interview with The Atlantic, and said he believed it was a "major mistake" that reflected poorly on the White House as the U.S. tries to contain the coronavirus.

"It is a bit bizarre. I don't really fully understand it. You know, I think that what happened with that list that came out, I think if you sit down and talk to the people who were involved in that, they are really, I think, taken aback by what a big mistake that was. And I think if you talk to reasonable people in the White House, they realize that was a major mistake on their part because it doesn't do anything but reflect poorly on them."

Fauci's comments came after USA Today published an extraordinary op-ed penned by White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, who wrote that Fauci "has been wrong about everything I have interacted with him on."

"I can't explain Peter Navarro, he's in a world by himself. So I don't even want to go there."

That followed days of tension between the White House and Fauci, who sits on the president's coronavirus task force.

Fauci has taken part in a series of online interviews this week, advocating for a more aggressive response to the virus.

"Let's stop this nonsense and figure out how can we get our control over this now. And looking forward, how can we make sure that next month we don't have another example of California, Texas, Florida and Arizona?"

Meanwhile, the White House has been accused of trying to undermine his authority. Trump himself re-tweeted a post this week from a supporter criticizing Fauci and another from a former game show host, who said the experts can't be trusted.

But before departing for a trip to Atlanta, Trump tried to distance himself from the most overt attack against Fauci: Navarro's scathing editorial.

"Well, he made a statement representing himself. He shouldn't be doing that. No, I have a very good relationship with Anthony."

Later, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a photo of him with Fauci in what he described as a "productive meeting."

And Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday that he had "total" confidence in Fauci.

REPORTER: "What's your level of confidence in Dr. Fauci at this point?"


When asked in an exclusive Reuters interview on Wednesday about how he copes with the attacks from the White House, Fauci told Reuters, "I don't let it bother me. What we're doing with vaccines, what we're doing with therapeutics, what we're doing with clinical trials is the real substance."

Fauci also predicted that the U.S. will meet its goal of a coronavirus vaccine by year's end, telling Reuters that while there are no guarantees, "I feel good about the projected timetable."

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    The White House has lost all credibility in the virus fight. They need to let the health experts handle things.
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    Western health officials are not so good at shutdown borders or strict measures like wearing masks and forceful quarantine, but Fauci's advice is consistent and scientific - he would do well if he were in Canada or other countries for coronavirus.
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    There were 3 massive mistakes Trump made that led to the biggest single devastation to the US in its history..Trump was selling the Chinese import tariffs as though they were good for the US and bad for China..This con job was marketed through the fall of 19, and was being bought as legit by his supporters, but those in the know , knew it was a fraud, and that the american consumer was being hit with the costs..But, in order to save face, he was determined to make a deal (any deal) with the Chinese, after the impeachment in order to have some positives news going into the New year..Warnings were appearing in the mid part of Dec . that there was a unknown virus spreading through the city of Wuhan..The (NCMI) National center for medical Intel. in concert with the Canadian Military Intelligence, are both charged with watching satellite intelligence of any strange movements worldwide in order to protect military personal..Both reported to the Administration that there was indeed some kind of virus activity in China..The Chinese in order to contain the virus, were heavy handed with handling the virus in Dec and early Jan..There were countless video's posted to Tik-tok and Instagram of people attending over run hospitals and them being literally dragged and locked into confinement..There were no secrets. the video was everywhere , and intel was watching and aware in the US..Trump was now in day to day discussions with Pres.Xi..He was , as was a team that included Navarro, desperate to get a deal done..New warnings were popping up late in the year. On Jan. 2/20, A presidential briefing was issued..This would incl. the WH, Peter Navarro, Dr.Redfield of the CDC, Alex Azar of HHS..In a senate hearing in mid may, Dr Redfield was questioned as to "When did you actually become aware of the virus"..His answer " I was aware of some warnings before the end of the year..However, I saw the briefing on Jan 2, and spoke to the head of the Chinese CDC I think on the 3rd of Jan." He told me that the virus was spreading but that they could not identify what exactly it was..It was not SARS or MERS, those had been ruled out but, it presented itself in the same way and was making people very ill..That was PHASE1.. That is the first mistake trump and his admin. ignored . From (Jan 1- Jan 15) Trump was in intense day to day contact with the Chinese as to the trade pact..( News was now making daily references to something happening in Wuhan)..Trumps announcement of a monumental Trad pact with China was signed of JAN .15/20..It is highly unlikely that during all these negotiations that Nobody in the US govt. did not bring up the virus outbreak during hours of intense negotiations, But if they did not ,THEY should have.. Phase 2 The period from Jan 1/20 - Jan 31st..This period was the heat up period , China and the WHO were now being very vocal at to the virus..On Jan 10th. the Chinese CDC released the "Genetic sequence " to all worldwide Medical Universities..This was picked up by Faucci, and others and at another senate inquiry in late Jan..Faucci even said " now that we have this information released by the chinese , we can start working on the VACCINE immediately ..We hope to have a vaccine by the end of 2020.." Think about that..In the late days of Jan.. The american medical community announced : They know the virus is lethal, they know it is spreading, and they are working on a vaccine..What was Trump saying and doing..NOTHING.. On Jan 21.. China officially locksdown the city of Wuhan..Everything going in or out of Wuhan is shut down...On jan 31st , do to much persistence by one Peter Navarro, who even documented in communications to Trump.. We should lock out travel from China..On Feb.1/20 the limited travel ban from China was in effect..This was by this point completely useless..Those who wanted to leave China for the US had fled already and or if they still wanted to get out, they could simply catch a flight (anywhere but Wuhan china- London, paris , rome and connect to LAX or JFK)...End of phase 2 incompetence..PHASE 3: Phase 3 is the most frustrating of all the incompetence..The hand writing and warnings and evidence was everywhere..Cases were popping up all over (Japan, South korea, Italy,France, Spain,Iran etc)..There were daily updates in the news everyday from Feb.1 forward that Europe was exploding with cases of corona..And yet, with all this going on, Trump was out mocking the virus , writing it off as a normal FLU, and that is would be seasonal and go away very soon..From Feb 1- March 15 when a full flight lockdown finally occurred, Hundreds of thousands of fleeing europeans converged on NY (JFK) and LAX.CA..They flew in daily completely unchecked without a hinge..Those are facts , please feel free to check them all..Peter Navarro, Azar, were aware very early..They know they were all culpable and mismanaged the entire process, and that is why He is in all out attack China, and anything related to China..Trumps mess
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    i do not know how Vice President Pence puts up with Trumps BS !!! I am sure that VP Pences wife will be happy once they are out of office. She never liked Trump from the very beginning.
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    Who is Peter Navarro, a new epidemiologist, no his degrees are in economics. But apparently he appointed himself as a WH critic of Dr. Fauci.
    tRUMP does not hire very diplomatic individuals, and you wonder who gave him authority to criticize Fauci. Anyway, my bet is he will be leaving sooner than Fauci.
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    Dr Fauci.. you are the best!! I am surprised that you didn't get it figured out sooner that everything about this administration is bizarre. Trump is extremely jealous of you because the majority of citizens polled recently have way more faith in you then in this useless president...
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    US politic laid bear. Same style used to bring down a person or a country.
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    He is now claiming that we will have a vaccine by year's end. It wasn't too long ago when he said that wouldn't happen and for us not to count on it. That is a reversal and now you know why people question Fauci.
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    because you tell the truth and are trying to help and he is jealous that you are more trusted than he
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    Now What
    Yes, this is a bizarre administration. But, the people who elected him are bizarre so what can you do?
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