Half million COVID-19 deaths possible by February -study

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1 個月前

The United States’ COVID-19 death toll could soar to a half million people by February… unless nearly all Americans wear face masks.

That’s according to a study published by the University of Washington on Friday - a day after the number of new infections nationwide neared a record high.

The study’s projection is in line with fears that colder weather will drive people indoors where the virus is more likely to spread.

(BIDEN) "This is a dark winter ahead."

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Friday criticized the president for his lax approach to controlling the spread:

"...holding rallies with no masks, no social distancing where people contracted the virus, inviting virus into the White House, hosting what Dr. Fauci called super-spreader event… We don't have to be held prisoner by this administration's failures."

Biden highlighted the effectiveness of mask usage, Friday.

"Masks save lives. Period."

A sentiment in line with the study, which found that half a million figure could drop by 130,000 if 95% of Americans used face coverings.

(TRUMP) "You catch it. And you know what, I caught it. I learned a lot."

During Thursday night’s presidential debate, Trump said the country was rounding the turn on coronavirus, which has already killed over 221,000 people in the United States.

"There was a spike in Florida. It's now gone. There was a very big spike in Texas. It's now gone. There was a very big spike in Arizona. It's now gone. And there are some spikes and surges and other places - they will soon be gone….”

And yet - Eight states on Thursday set new records for single-day increases in cases, and seven states reported record numbers of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

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