Seven shot in protests over killing of black woman - police

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1 個月前

The situation downtown "remains fluid and continues to evolve," Louisville Metro Police spokesman Lamont Washington told Reuters in an emailed statement.

The police said they did not fire any shots in the incident but had made some arrests. They had earlier tweeted that there was a large crowd in the downtown area around 2nd street.

Late on Thursday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer shared a post on Twitter which he said was written on behalf of Taylor's mother, urging protesters to be peaceful. "Understandably, emotions are high," he said in the tweet.

The Louisville shootings come as separate protests escalated in Minneapolis over the death of a black man seen on video gasping for air while a white police officer knelt on his neck.

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    So what's the logic behind shooting each other and robbing and burning down stores? Anybody? There is none. What comes from this? Some African Americans actually prove to some racist whites that they are correct in their opinion of blacks. It's simply a matter of a few bad apples from both sides ruining it for the whole bunch. I'd say the vast majority of Americans don't care about your color. They care about your behavior and that's what forms their opinions
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