Shetland Pony Helps Austrian Farm Owner During Quarantine Workout

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2 個月前

Austrian equestrian trainer Katharina Schneidhofer was without a proper workout buddy, but wanted to make the most of her quarantine fitness time, so she turned to her 10-year-old Shetland pony, Pepino, to assist her with some sit-ups.

Pepino has been with Schneidhofer for eight years and “can do a lot of tricks,” Schneidhofer said.

This video shows Schneidhofer doing sit-ups as Pepino sits at her feet much like a human workout partner would. She gives him little pecks on his nose every time she sits up.

Schneidhofer bought Pepino when he was two years old and he has since become one of three horses she uses in her horse training and education courses. Credit: Katharina Schneidhofer via Storyful

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