Tube-Nosed Bat Injured on Barbed Wire Fence Enjoys Tasty Smoothie at Queensland Sanctuary

1 年前

An adorable tube-nosed bat is recovering at a Queensland bat sanctuary after she got trapped in a barbed wire fence, recently shared video shows.

The footage was posted online by Denise Wade, who has been caring for injured baby bats for more than a decade, and shows little Talia feeding by syringe.

Wade said that the 46-gram critter was a juvenile who was injured after she found herself tangled on a barbed wire fence. She said that Eastern tube-nosed bats were prone to such struggles.

“Although her wounds are a work in progress we are hopeful that she can be returned to the wild,” Wade said.

Attending to the injured bats at her home in Rochedale South, she regularly shares updates on the animals to her Batzilla the Bat YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Batzilla the Bat via Storyful