Auckland Competitive Eater Takes on 12,000-Calorie Cookie Cake Challenge

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2 個月前

Competitive eater Nela Zisser of Auckland, New Zealand, posted a video of her attempt to eat a 12,000-calorie cookie cake for her latest food-eating challenge.

Zisser was able to finish a section of the sweet dish but ended up stopping after 28 minutes, leaving a portion of the cake uneaten. The dessert weighed 2.562 kg (5.648 lb), according to Zisser. She shared her efforts to devour the dessert on her YouTube account on November 14.

It’s the latest in a string of food challenges that the New Zealander has taken on. She documents her competitive eating on her dedicated YouTube channel, where she’s taken on everything from a 10-foot Subway sandwich to a two-kilogram chicken curry. Credit: Nela Zisser via Storyful

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    She is super cute, but can you imagine going into the bathroom after she finishes dropping everything she ate?
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How many shots were fired? Also, today is a normal work day
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