This Boat is a Dance Floor!

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5 個月前
Can you think of a better way to spend a beautiful summer day than sailing on a boat? Sailing on a lake, enjoying the sun and the fresh air with your favorite group of people, can it get any better than that? There's music playing and this boy can’t help but do his happy dance! And not only is he dancing, he’s killing it! Those are some serious moves! Judging by this performance, I can tell that you can never get bored with this boy around!
Zsa1 天前
Wow. Our guide in Iceland told us over and over to stay away...更多
Leonardo1 天前
All pandas are owned by China. Every panda (even those born)...更多
Next up...a video of paint drying.
Sherry P2 小時前
So happy for them, they are adorable:)