Car Falls From Third Level of Los Angeles Parking Structure

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1 個月前

A white BMW fell from the third floor of the Beverly Connection shopping center in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, February 20, landing upside down.

Jorge Barragan recorded this footage and told Storyful he was eating lunch at Souplantation at the mall when the incident occurred.

“I heard a strong sound and the restaurant was shaking,” he said. “At first, I was scared thinking it was a bomb or something like that.”

Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Benjamin Zucker told KTLA News the driver of the BMW was parking their car on the third level of the structure when the vehicle went through the safety cables, flipped over and landed on the hood of a silver Nissan SUV.

According to local reports, two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Credit: Jorge Barragan via Storyful

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    Is that the only way to get a BMW's indicators to work?
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    Lucky it had the Nissan to cushion the fall.
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gore25 天前
Proof positive that I'll click on anything.
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