Crowds Swarm Onto National Mall for Annual Anti-Abortion Protest

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8 個月前

Anti-abortion activists swarmed the streets of Washington, DC, on January 24 to take part in the 47th annual March for Life, a rally that calls for abortion to be outlawed.

US President Donald Trump made an appearance at the march and gave a speech where he expressed his solidarity with the anti-abortion movement. He is the first president to attend the March for Life. Previous Republican politicians made statements via a video link.

The march is held on the Friday closest to January 22, to mark the anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Credit: Michael Kinney via Storyful

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    If you're able to read this article, take a few moment to thank your Mom for being PRO LIFE.
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    Chris M
    Maybe Trump is not the best spokesman, but any reasonable person looking at an ultrasound can see the human baby in the womb . . scientifically all the DNA is set at conception . . . even if we're not sure if when human life begins, which side do we want err on ? ? ? . . if builders were going to demolish an old building before building a new one and there was EVEN a CHANCE that kids were still playing inside the old one, wouldn't it be grossly negligent to demolish it while there was still uncertainty ? ?
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    Thank you for calling this march what it truly is - Anti-abortion. There is nothing pro-life about these folks. Out of the're on your own.
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    Sweet, people have brains again!
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    Sleeping dog
    Somehow, 'swarm' is a very good description of this bunch.
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    Can someone please ask trump (under oath) how many abortion doctors he used when he was in his "Vietnam" dating scene?? I understand he wouldn't answer that question when asked before but now since we know how much he lies and uses people who are gullible enough to believe those lies it's time to answer that. I'm sure many are deceased but there are some still around.
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    Backwards hicks
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    I never really got how something can simply be a “choice” on one day...and the VERY next calendar day be murder...and how this arbitrary choice/murder day can vary from state to state. Fifty years from now we’ll look back at abortion like we do slavery today.
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    The marchers should be wearing a condom over their heads
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    .and Epstein, a great guy who loved groping and raping supermodels and beauty pageant contestants as much as I have, especially on the younger side, we both agreed Melania was the be best, just don't let Baron know who his daddy really is