Disney World Opens to Park Employees for Dry Run Ahead of Official Reopening

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1 個月前

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, was testing safety measures on Tuesday, July 7, ahead of the park’s official reopening later in the week, local media reported, with workers playing the role of guests.

Disney theme parks were closed in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The parks have been gearing up to reopen with increased safety precautions, such as temperature screenings and required face coverings.

The “cast member preview days” were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, reports said. The parks were slated to open for annual passholders on Thursday and Friday before fully reopening to the public on Saturday, July 11.

This video shows Disney princesses lined up on a balcony and waving and Tinker Bell tootling by on a float in the Magic Kingdom. Credit: @EnchantingErin1 via Storyful

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    As much as I like WDW I think I will stay away until this virus stuff has settled down or a proven vaccine is available. My life will go on without a smile from Tinker Belle.
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    Good luck!
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    don't go
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    Wow. No masks on them huh? Makes me feel so safe to go there.
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    Most of Disney's park employees are living with food stamps and reside in trailer parks. Their salaries are very low but the owners are billionaires. Sound familiar?? The workers should unionize and demand to be treated fairly and better.
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    Could have done without the "OMG! SO CUTE!" comments? Where are these "princesses" masks? Disney being a leader should portray their actors as if they are in real life. Kids will see this and think they are immune to the virus because they are in a "magical" place.
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    Lately I've been trying like hell to find subtitles that work with the Disney movie 'Song of the South'. I just can't understand much of the dialog in it.
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    BOYCOTTING Disney going forward ... Greed over lives ...not exactly what Walt envisioned....?!
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    Disney should be kept closed. It is a leech feeding off of the stupid people that support it. 5t is a large business that feed its cash registers to reward stock holders. It is no longer an amusement park but a greedy monster. sd[pp