Evacuations Ordered as Briceburg Fire in Central California Grows

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8 個月前

The Briceburg Fire in California’s Mariposa County grew to 4,900 acres by Thursday, October 10, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) said.

Several areas near the fire were under a mandatory evacuation notice, including a campground and nearby homes, CAL FIRE said. The agency said the fire destroyed one structure, but no injuries were reported.

On Wednesday morning, CAL FIRE said the fire was burning 3,600 acres and was 10 percent contained. By Thursday morning, the blaze had grown to 4,900 acres and was 25 percent contained.

Additionally, "dry, windy weather” prompted Pacific Gas and Electric Company to shut down power for around 750,000 customers in California for an unknown amount of time in an attempt to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Video from the Ceres Fire Department shows firefighters working to contain the Briceburg Fire. Credit: Ceres Fire Department via Storyful

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    guess they did not turn the power off fast enough
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    You want it f--- up give control to a lib, no matter what it is they will find a way to f--- it up!
    They didn't have these fires 50-60 years ago and then along came the dims and wow how they have changed things just look at the whole state and the history they are willing to burn with the fires they can't control. Come to think of it burning down the whole place might be a bad ideal!
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    Highly Motivated
    Good time to get out of California. It's no longer livable.
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    So they have tom blame someone else for the fires.
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    Jeremiah 21:14 ► BIBLE PROPHECIES New International Version I will punish you as your deeds deserve, declares the LORD. I will kindle a fire in your forests that will consume everything around you.'"
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    I warned that God Himself would bring judgement upon America. This is the wrath of God.
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