Husky upset that puppy is sleeping, throws temper tantrum

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3 個月前
Nora the husky was so excited when a new puppy addition came home that all she wanted to do was play. But the puppy got tired and fell asleep. Now Nora is upset and has a lot to say!
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    Cool! There is a reason why I love dogs, stuff like this!
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    Very intelligent animals. My husky is the best dog I’ve ever had.
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    My husky let my cat try and feed of it LOL I was so confused. Video is about 10 years old now.
    Cat sucks on Dogs Teats.
    Cat sucks on Dogs Teats.
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    This is me every morning in my house except on the puppy and my dogs are the husky.
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    Thanks for something light in the news. It's a nice change. Beautiful dog!
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    I have two husky sisters, they are so fun! They just turned 3 TODAY:)
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    Had a female husky named Sonja. We ran six thousand miles together in eight years. Best running buddy I ever had.
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    Not PC
    Awwww that is so adorable.
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    Scott G
    I love Huskies! They are the best dogs. I miss mine. Ten years since he died and I still dream about him almost every night.
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    Got a husky..,,, escape artist extraordinaire .
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