'Idiots': No Sympathy From Bystander as Waves Topple Tourists on Iceland Beach

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8 個月前

When tour guide Thorolfur Sævar Sæmundsson brings a group to Iceland’s iconic Reynisfjara Beach, he warns them not to go down to the shoreline.

His reason? The beach is well known for having a dangerous undertow and so-called “sneaker waves,” which can catch people by surprise. Several tourists have died there over the past decade or so, Iceland Monitor reported.

On November 11, a dramatic illustration of the dangers of the waves at the beach was observed, from a safe distance, by Sæmundsson, who recorded video of tourists floundering after being caught out.

Emergency services were called to the scene to assess a tourist who was knocked over and injured, the Icelandic news site Visir said.

While the beach is safe “95% of the time,” Sæmundsson told Storyful, “sometimes we have high waves. People need to be careful.” Credit: Thorolfur Saevar Saemundsson via Storyful

  • Z
    Wow. Our guide in Iceland told us over and over to stay away from the shore. That rogue waves pop up out of nowhere and if you got caught by one, no one will help as the water is too cold and the current too strong, it is a death sentence to both. I remember standing at a distance and watching how violent the waves were.
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    Ted C
    If they were told by the guide for their safety to stay away from the shoreline then no, no sympathy.
  • S
    I would be interested in the psychology behind people who do precisely what someone else warns them not to do. I'm not talking about "don't have that second dessert or you'll regret it", I mean something that endangers their very lives.
  • B
    In that cold of water the Expected Time Before Exhaustion or Unconsciousness 32.5°F or 0.3°C is less than 15 minutes. You get pulled out to sea they better rescue you quick, good swimmer or not you have less than 15.
  • s
    I've been to that beach. I was told my guide to never turn my back to the ocean.
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    Mally Mom
    If my tour guide, who is a resident of the area, tells me not to do something... don't do it.
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    Cool Comments
    From what I can see, why do people feel the need to go down to the shoreline? Looks as though you have great views from where the guide is standing. What experience are you going to get from being down there?
  • U
    I do the same thing here in my home state of Colorado. People come here and try to take up close photos of elk and other wildlife only to charged or trampled. I’m happy to warn them but I’m not going to put myself in harms way. People these days can’t sit back and observe nature from a safe distance. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean you have to touch it
  • u
    When a local guide tells you not to do something you should listen. It's one of the reasons you hire a guide.
  • J
    Been to Iceland, it is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. We would love to return, but the costs of everything are crazy i.e. $16.00 burgers, the high cost of fuel, etc.