'The Opposite of Claustrophobia': Astronaut Surveys Earth During First All-Women Spacewalk

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10 個月前

As astronaut Jessica Meir’s head camera captured the blue globe of the Earth from the International Space Station during the first all-women space walk on October 18, fellow astronaut Anne McClain, back on the ground, described the experience.

“If there was a word for the opposite of claustrophobia, that’s kind of how you feel,” McClain said, speaking on NASA’s livestream of the event. “It’s the most infinite void you can possibly imagine.”

Meir was joined by Christina Koch for a spacewalk that lasted more than 7 hours. Their mission was to repair a failed power converter, among other tasks, NASA reported. Credit: NASA via Storyful

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    Mustaine 2020
    Such an amazing view. That has to be one of the best jobs, in the history of jobs.
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    'The Opposite of Claustrophobia'
    That's called "agoraphobia", the fear of open spaces. Or was she saying that she enjoys confined spaces? That would be claustrophilia.
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    You are told not to look up while in space because it has a similar effect as people who are afraid of heights, but most people get it. There is something about the vastness of space, it affects your mind.
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    When men do things its normal and no big deal. When women do the exact same thing its historic. See the difference?
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    Does scissoring work in zero g.
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    WOW that was not so amazing just another human being, we are all equal so just another space walk.
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    The longest running science fiction and TV series of all-time
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    I used to want to go to space.
    Then I watched Appollo 13 and chickened out
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    They need to speak with Nancy, she's been experiencing Space Travel for decades. And she visits her home planet Mars every weekend.