Plane Catches Fire After Aborted Takeoff at Airport in Northern California

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9 個月前

A plane “slid off the end of the runway into the grass” and caught fire after an aborted takeoff at Oroville Municipal Airport in Northern California on August 21, local media said.

Fire personnel fought the blaze as it tore through the twin-engine Cessna Citation jet and burned the surrounding vegetation, as seen in this video recorded by Gonzalo Curiel.

Highway 162, near the airport, was closed due to “smoke affecting the area” as firefighters and the California Highway Patrol said they were dealing with a “downed aircraft.”

Ten people – eight passengers and two pilots – were aboard the plane, but no one was injured, according to the Oroville Mercury-Register, citing Oroville Public Safety Director John Deal. Credit: Gonzalo Curiel via Storyful

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    Ohhh that is two Cessna Citation,s gone down within a week, just wondering if they are manufactured by Boeing since Boeing does have previous for two for the price of one accidents
Harry Baals2 天前
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JSH - Independant -2 天前
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Albert1 小時前
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