Spiddal 'Lidl Looting' Float Gets the Local People's Vote for St Patrick's Day Highlight
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St Patrick’s Day parades took place throughout Ireland on March 17. However, one particular float in the Galway town of Spiddal caught the attention of many.Inspired by a now-infamous robbery in early March as Storm Emma hit Dublin involving a digger at a Lidl supermarket, Spiddal natives created a little Lidl and mini digger for their float.A number of participants even pretended to smash open a safe, as happened during the original incident. Credit: Caveman Grub via Storyful
  • David
    A day off from cold calling and conning?
  • A Zoologist
    Do we want an 'Open Border' with these people?
  • Jeffrey
    Everything involved with this float including the float itself are probably pinched.
  • A
    Lidl hpoe you are watching these people.With 152 outlets in the Republic of Ireland no one will blame you if you sell up andmove to another country that appreciate your investment in their local economy.
  • Stephen Smith
    That's a Lidl bit over the top, isn't it?
  • Julian
    Pikie takeaway?
  • Kevin
    Typical Irish, making an event out of trying to break and enter a safe.
  • LeftHandOfGod
    Imagine supporting the criminals who stole from that store.
  • Kye
    I suppose this is the bog dwellers idea of entertainment. Just to think these people are causing Britain so much trouble with Brexit. Hardy worth it are they?
  • lesley
    Hope Lidl don't re-open that store, with that sort of mentality it will only happen again.