Thomas Cook Holidaymakers 'Locked Inside Hotel' as Firm Faces Collapse

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8 個月前

Holidaymakers travelling with Thomas Cook who were staying in the Les Orangers beach resort in Hammamet, Tunisia, reported they were locked inside the hotel compound and stopped from leaving on the night of September 21.

Guests said that hotel staff told them that they would have to pay the hotel for their stay before leaving, even though, the holidaymakers said, they had paid Thomas Cook for their trip.

Gary Seale said on Facebook that security “refused to let us out of the hotel and barricaded us in,” while Laura An said that “guests are being held hostage, being told to pay for their stay when we have paid Thomas Cook already.”

In a tweet, Thomas Cook said that they were “aware a small number of customers were asked to pay for their hotel before leaving Tunisia” and that they had “refunded all who paid on their credit cards.” They said that they would not be sending any new arrivals to the Les Orangers resort.

The incident comes as the tour operator met with key creditors and stakeholders on September 22, aiming to reach last minute deal to save the company.

In an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that Thomas Cook holidaymakers would not be stranded, and that contingency planning was in place. Credit: Gary and Claire Seale via Storyful

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I didn't read the article or watch much of the video. I'm j...更多
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