Trump Supporters Moved After Gathering Outside Fairfax Polling Station

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1 個月前

A group of Trump supporters gathered outside an early voting station in Fairfax, Virginia, on September 19, waving flags and temporarily forming a line that voters had to walk around to access the polling site, according to witnesses at the scene.

Bryan Graham, the chair of Fairfax County Democrats, shared footage of the incident on Twitter. He said a group taking part in a “Trump Train” began circling the parking lot at the Fairfax County Government Center at around 11.45 am.

“They circled the lot for at least 20 minutes revving engines, blaring horns, using bullhorns, and yelling out their windows right next to voters in line,” Graham said, adding that a group of the supporters parked up and approached the entrance of the building, where they gathered and chanted “Four more years.”

Videos of the rally were widely shared on social media, showing the crowd chanting and holding campaign signs and flags. The group of supporters grew larger and partially blocked a sidewalk, Graham said, adding that they had to be moved by police and building security.

Officials told local media that they separated the voters and group of Trump supporters, and that voting was not affected. Credit: Bryan Graham via Storyful