'Weather Cat Bob' Takes One Look at the Snow in Boulder and Turns Around

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1 個月前

After another light dusting of snow on December 5 in Boulder, Colorado, ‘Bob the Weather Cat’ – described as such by his owner – took one look at the snow and went right back inside his home.

An eastbound storm system dropped snow and light rain on western Colorado on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service Boulder.

The National Weather Service said between one and two inches was expected before 8 pm local time, after which the chance of snow showers was forecast to decrease to 40 percent. Credit: Marc Livolsi via Storyful

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    mine does that, she doesn't like the wind, rain or snow. What happened to its tail?
  • t
    Aw, I love his little bob tail. Smart cat - knows snow looks better through the window.
  • L
    LOL everyone
    This cat prefers to return home to catch a longer nap
  • J
    Why out of the many is this on yahoo?
    Seen much better 1's
  • J
    Some cats are smarter than others.
  • a
    #$%$, I'll just have to have a Tom Tit in my own house/garden!
  • o
    Hey idiots! We've not had any snowfall since the big Snow bomb 2 1/2 weeks ago. This is why you can't believe what you hear. We've not had any snowfall in Boulder Colorado in over 2 weeks. In fact, almost all the snow has melted or been eaten by the CHINOOK WINDS over the rockies. We hope to get more snow for Christmas. #$%$!
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