Drone Pilot Captures Incredible Close-Up Shots of Lava During Latest Iceland Eruption

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A pilot flying his drone over the fissure that opened at Iceland’s Sundhnukur crater on May 29 recorded mind-blowing closeup shots of lava spurting into the sky.

Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove told Storyful that his experience over the years gave him a good understanding of “what is possible and what is not”, and enabled him to maneuver his drone as closely to the lava as he could without damaging his gear.

He uploaded the “intimate top-down shot of a very active vent” to his Instagram, where he shared his enthusiasm about the “absolutely mind-blowing” eruption.

Residents “in or near Grindavik” evacuated and the area was placed under red alert.

By Wednesday evening local time, “considerable magma jet activity” was observed in the main part of the crater, according to Icelandic Meteorological authorities. Credit: @jvn.photo via Storyful