The Most Adorable Elderly Couple Dances In The Rain
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There is something about rain that makes us behave differently. It seems like it’s heightening all of our senses and makes us reevaluate life and become even more grateful for it. The tiny droplets of magic serve as a cleanser for all of our bad days, wiping the grime clean off of our souls and patching up broken relationships and strengthening existing ones. The rain has been worshiped ever since ancient times. Rain means fertile soils and clean homes, it means food and it means wealth. There are records of rituals done in the honor of rain, to assure that it would nourish the crops and provide food, but this footage isn’t such a custom. This footage shows a different kind of ritual where two elderly people dance in the rain to show that age won’t ever slow them down. This couple might show signs of aging on their skin, but they have remained young on the inside. It is very important to maintain the innocence you had as a child as intact as possible. It’s what makes us alive, not just living. A precious moment is caught on film during a rainy day at The Village in Meridian, Idaho. An elderly couple proves they're young at heart as they dance in the rain. They won’t let a few drops of water tarnish their good mood. We should all be more like them!
  • barb s
    now how cute is that
  • jeff
    Nice, just how life should be.....Happy. Good luck to them...
  • PubMix
    love and happiness.. life is short! do everything!
  • Robert
    What rain, it looks to me that the only "rain" is the water from the fountain in front of them. Staged, or what?!
  • michael
    Lovely, lovely, lovely.