Fast Food Workers Rally for Higher Wages at Des Moines Presidential Candidate Forum

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1 年前

McDonald’s employees and others working for fast food outlets gathered outside a presidential candidate forum in Des Moines, Iowa, to rally for $15 per hour wages and union rights on July 15.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and former Vice President Joe Biden attended the forum, which was co-hosted by AARP and the Des Moines Register, the Des Moines Register reported.

This video shows a man standing in front of a group of protesters as they try to push past him. In the video, the crowd chants “Get up, get down, fast food workers run this town!” and, "You want our vote? Come get our vote!”

The forum was an invitation-only Q&A session held at Duke University that focused on “the issues facing aging Americans,” the Des Moines Register reported. The protesters were a part of the Fight for $15 movement, which works to gain $15 per hour wages and union rights for workers.

Other presidential candidates were scheduled to speak at forums in cities across Iowa, the Des Moines Register reported. Credit: Josh Cook/Iowa Starting Line via Storyful

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    Frank R
    How do you rally for higher wages when 93% of the population can replace you? If you want minimum wage, have minimum skills. Ever see carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, ect. rallying for higher wages??!!! Nope, because they have a skill-set that people will pay for.
  • t
    The fry cook at Wendy's is not budgeted to earn $38k per year w/ matching 401k and two weeks vacation. Nor is the gal in charge of keeping the cups and lids full at the counter at KFC. She is not budgeted to earn $42k per year with stock options. Go get an education or go to trade school if you want to earn $65k per year or more.
  • a
    Just put machines in their place... faster, easier, and no bs
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    g c
    Minimum wage is the advertised wage for fast food jobs, slavery has been abolished and they are not forced to work at those places.
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    okay so now I make 15 dollars an hour but have to do the work of 15 people cause they fired everybody else so i can make 15 dollars an hour .But the place is dead cause we are charging 25 dollars for a happy meal to make a profit now.
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    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! As if any of these people even HAVE a 'job'!!
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    If you want to have a better pay, go to the democrats. who have been telling you to complain. And get a better education than grade 8 and then you can find a job that will pay you a tiny bit more than the minimum wage. And when you really get an education, you can get a higher paid job. It is all up to you and not up to the government to hand out, what you are not entitled to.
  • C
    They will all lose more jobs. Get an education and get a better job...there are tons out there thanks to Trump. McDonalds now have kiosks and robots and they don't need to pay you a high salary just cause you want it.
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