George Floyd Protesters Smash Store Windows in St Paul

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4 個月前

A crowd of protesters smashed store windows in St Paul, Minnesota, on May 28, following looting and clashes with police in nearby Minneapolis on May 27, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd on May 25.

Videos filmed by Star Tribune reporter Ryan Faircloth show a crowd of people outside storefronts on Hamline Avenue in St Paul. Shattering glass can be heard before police arrive and the crowd disperses.

Protests and rioting began in the Twin Cities on May 26, the day after video circulated on social media showing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd, 46, to the ground with his knee on his neck. Floyd died soon after.

Dozens of people were seen looting a Target store near the site of a protest to demand justice for Floyd in Minneapolis on May 27. Credit: Ryan Faircloth via Storyful

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    I love to watch stuff like this.... If I had any compassion at all for what happened I watch the rioting and I feel so much better.. It just shows me that
    I really don't care...
    and I still don't know what precipitated the arrest?....
  • a
    They weren't angry, they were happy because it's looting time y'all.
  • J
    Only the media would call this protesting. The ones carrying signs are protesting. The ones smashing windows, looting, and setting things on fire are rioters. Hope that clarifies it for you.
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    That will fix things for sure.
  • E
    Nice pc headline, we in the real world call that looting.
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    Turkey Hunter
    They need to start taking them down at the knees
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    Blue Line
    There was an incident back in the 1930s in Germany called "Kristallnacht" ("night of broken glass"). Several "brown shirt" thugs and Hitler Youth who followed them smashed windows of Jewish-owned stores.
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    Those are NOT protesters, those are looters. Call a spade a spade.
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    Probably be some construction jobs opening. I'll bet nobody looted tools
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    Chris P. Bacon
    You can take the Bunny out of the Jungle but you cant take the Jungle out of the bunny!
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