Police Tackle Protester After Chase Along Hong Kong Street

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1 個月前

Police tackled and cuffed a man after chasing him through the streets of Hong Kong on May 27, this footage shows. In the video, one police officer falls to the ground while giving chase.

Local reports said about 240 people were arrested during the latest protests in the city, which saw police fire pepper pellets at crowds.

The protests have been sparked by a national security law proposed by Beijing and came ahead of the Hong Kong legislature’s reading of a law that would make criticism of the national anthem a criminal offence. Credit: PolyU Campus Radio via Storyful

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    The police are fit. If not enough police, the armed police in Shenzhen standby to reinforce.
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    Good Job, Hong Kong Police!
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    During more than 7 months of rioting & unrest, Hong Kong Police has reported having "fired" more than 14 shot.
    If such incident happens in the US... hundred of "body-bag".
    On the other hand,the world has witnessed those Black shirt rioter has killed an old man with a brick, a innocent man was set on fire, an another man was hit on the side of his head by a manhole cover, and many more documented injuries by those rioters.
    Large amount of "financial aid" coming from US & UK was needed to fund these many month of rioting..
    The situation getting critical as these "TERRORIST" now has large amount of FIREARM and IED(homemade bombs).
    My Salute to the Hong Kong Police..!!
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    Did any of the criminal rioters got a knee to the neck from the police?
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    Investors should be pulling out of HK. HK has changed into a rouge city. There is no law and order anymore. Rioters write their own law, destroying the city and blocking the roads. Those who put money there are sweating in their ballz.
    While HK is hitting for the ground, look at Shanghai composite index. Its going up. Tells a story isn't it?
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    Don't do the crime if you can't afford to do the time.
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    HK police, learn from the US police, knee the protestor neck.
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    The police should use rubber bulltets or real ones.
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    KeenLeong L
    Well done Mr. Policemen.
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    well done ,Hong Kong police ,Thank you
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