Protesters Shine Lasers at Police in Mong Kok

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10 個月前

People in Hong Kong continued months of ongoing pro-democracy protests with a series of marches and rallies on Saturday, August 17, the South China Morning Post reported.

Teachers marched through the rainy streets in solidarity with pro-democracy protesters on Saturday morning. The teachers’ march was followed by another march in Hung Hom in the afternoon.

The anti-government demonstrations began earlier this year in opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill.

In the evening, protesters gathered in Mong Kok and other areas to continue demonstrations.

This video shows police, outfitted in helmets and shields, standing outside the Mong Kok Police Station as purple and green lasers are shined on them.

Shining lasers at cameras could help obscure surveillance and help conceal protesters’ identities, media reports said.

Referring to lasers as “offensive weapons,” police said they have injured officers and damaged sensors in some cameras, a member of the Hong Kong Police Force said to media during a press conference in early August.

Reports said eggs were also thrown at officers in Mong Kok on Saturday.

Citing officials, local media said police planned to disperse the crowd of more than 100 people and said law enforcement warned protesters of their “illegal assembly” near the station.

Thousands of government supporters also gathered on Saturday for an “anti-violence” rally at Tamar Park in Admiralty, reports said. Credit: @LostDutchHK via Storyful

  • H
    Teachers marched through the rainy streets in solidarity with protesting students.
    What? The same students who are throwing petrol bombs, trying to blind police with lasers and causing criminal damage to property? You, their teachers bear some responsibility for their actions and now they are showing their true colours by supporting them.
    You will all be under martial law soon with only yourselves to blame.
  • D
    Democracy Exporter
    Do you know what they will get if they doing the same (to police) in USA?
  • W
    When US police get threatened, they neutralize the threat. When HK police get threatened, they raise orange flag, blue flag, black flag but ultimately they raise the WHITE flag.
  • M
    These lasers are not harmless. They can damage the retina and blind somebody permanently. This is nothing but an assault.
  • S
    Steven Y
    As someone who worked on lasers, pointing these lasers are like throwing a dull knife to your eyes. There is a high chance of blinding someone. Why is this tolerated? I think the protesters would hurt themselves too given the way they used these.
  • V
    Guess what you get if you shine Lazer beam toward US policeman? Hong Kong police are already too nice to the corrupted demonstrators.
  • W
    Lasers are weapons when applied to human, either to airline pilots or law enforcement folks. I am surprised HK police have tolerated that.
    They need to take some lessons from the US police.
  • a
    For those who side with the protesters.. just try to be fair for a minute and imagine how you would reacted if the police had done what the protesters did, which is to shine lasers at their faces. You probably would object to that because it could hurt the eyes and may even cause blindness (temporarily or more..)
  • J
    Wow,Blue lasers are expensive for what they are.
  • b
    It’s pouring rain in Hong Kong and the protesters came out looking at it Live and the people as far as u can see
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