Puppy sees rabbit for the first time, loses his mind
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Check out this puppy's reaction to his very first bunny rabbit experience. He's so excited!
  • FrankB
    The rabbit isn't impressed.
  • Wawowi
    To think I waited over 2 minutes while this video buffered only to watch something I’ve seen all puppies do.
  • Mike
    What happens when he sees Maxine waters?
  • james s
    wow 15 second commercial to see a 19 second bunny thing.
  • outsiderfan
    If you think that's impressive, you should see my parrot's reaction every time I mow the lawn with the curtains up... or use the vacuum, or blender, or mixer, or anything else with high pitch.
  • Patrick
    And Twitter explodes when the bunny claps back...
  • John
    Im not impressed either
  • Robert
  • Statreno
    Looked pretty ordinary, no puppy losing mind experience worthy of a "news" article.
  • FrankB
    The rabbit isn't impressed.