Texas Family Captures Moment of Beirut Explosion

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2 個月前

A Lebanese-American family captured the moment a huge explosion rocked downtown Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, on Tuesday, August 4.

Imad Khalil recorded this footage live on Facebook. It shows thick smoke coming from a building in the port and a sudden explosion, which sends a violent blast toward him and his wife, knocking the phone out of his hand. The phone is still recording as debris fills the air.

Imad’s wife, Lina Khalil, is originally from Lebanon, and the family splits their time between San Antonio, Texas and Beirut, Lebanon.

Khalil later posted a photo of himself and wife in hospital beds, thanking everyone for their support. “Me and Lina are recovering well,” he wrote. Khalil told Storyful he had only ever seen something like that in movies, adding, “We survived a nightmare.” Credit: Imad Khalil via Storyful

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